The Story

After waiting for extremely long, Alias Jamal finally granted with four acres of land, with a quarter reserved for government, after his last child's birth. He was eager, searching high and low on the best fruits, thinking to grow it into orchard. He planted durians, langsat, rambutans, dukong, pulasan, mangosteen and other various fruits. Then he left it all to mature. His visit is short and sweet, often longing for the trees to speed up.

After 20 years, with minimal care, the trees paid back with tastiest fleshy fruits. He tried his hand on various other crops, but failed after a herd of elephant, a group of monkeys destroying his sweat. He diligently went to the farm on most days, but dishearten after crop after crop destroyed by the animals. He was crushed, wanting to sell it out.

This is were I stepped in, being the youngest and stubborn, I want to do something. I vowed to change it, but not long, Ayah passed away after struggling with cancer. I was grieving and forgot about the promise I made, and gain 30 kilograms. When I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), I tried to change to healthier lifestyle, but discourage with the fake and poisonous taste of most leafy vegetables. I tried to change to organic, but since I live in small town, the cost is higher to buy and eat organic.

I end up growing my own organic vegetables, and although the soil is bad, compacted from various elements through out the years, I wasn't discourage. Although I strongly believe in organic, I did end up using weed killer the first time we try to clear the land. We're still learning, and try our best not to use harmful pesticide on our vegetables, trying to use permaculture, interplanning, companion planning, lasagna/no dig gardening, and organic weed killer/pesticide.


Khairani Alias

Born in Kota Tinggi, Johor, she is the town girl with a longing of living in farm. She completed her 
Electrical Engineering degree, but longed to dabble in business and agriculture, so she quits her job and start various business which educate her on selling, manners and dealing with people. A dreamer and ferocious reader, she reads and self educate on agriculture and plans her vegetables garden every night, losing sleep to achieve her perfect garden. 

Khyru Aris

Born in Lawas, Sarawak, he is no stranger to the three Rs (Recycle, reduce and reuse), solar energy, composting and green living. He attended University Malaysia Pahang, earning a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and where he met Kate. Nicknamed the brawn, as he took an active role in turning the land into small scale pesticide free farm. The doer of the duo, he did most of the land clearing, heavy lifting and the digging. He's also provide solid ground to the dreamer, arguing (discussing) with her choice of article of the moments.


Nearly three, he loves playing with animal, running around outdoor as well as playing with his various vehicle toys in the farm. Eager to help, he always seen sweeping the floor, lifting small load as well as trying to feed the bunny. Current obsession including, but not limited to: ambulance, helicopter, bus, motorcycle, bunny, dinosaur, firemen, chocolate and ice creams.

Our moments