Like plants, we want to grow big and strong

But we need help.
We can't do it all alone.
We begin with educating our children, teenagers and our generation.
Maybe slowly we could change the fate of cruel world around us.

For education, we purposely divide into three groups, that is for kids (aged 6 to 12), teenagers and young adult (13 to 25) and classes for all. Our mission is to nurture our children and younger generation in connecting to nature, the importance of going organic, green and eco friendly, living without technologies, basic responsibility, manners and team work, with the hopes that they will choose to live the healthy life in future.

If we can spend thousands for our children happiness by buying gadgets, going on vacations and theme park, why can't we spend more on their education?

We firmly believe that the children and young ones have bigger potential than we realize. Not a genius and academic kind of potential, but a choice in making the world better for our future generation, future grandchildren.

We also a big believer in giving back to receive more in future. We don't hope that we will get bigger income, bigger house or bigger car by giving, but we hope to nurture our needy friends so that they will grow to become respectful citizen, to chose good over evil, to not be a victim nor criminal.

Our footprint may be small, but we believe if we can change one people in on time, we believe we have change their world. And may they change the world around them too.

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We sincerely thank you for taking time to visit us.

Khyru, Kate and Keyaan

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